med_16135_pOne of the most significant GoPro accessories that you must have for taking high quality photography is the lenses. Before you choose your lenses, it is important that you take a moment and think about the type of pictures that you want to take. The diverse lenses available on the market can help you immortalize various scenes, from insect and flowers to landscapes and sporting events and anything in between. In general, lenses of 120 mm and above allow you to take close up pictures from far away and hence, are ideal for capturing a busy bee taking a break on a beautiful flower for instance.

However, the lenses under 300 mm are usually not enough to get a clear picture of your favorite football player or of sailing boats from the shore. Since the idea of taking a picture during a sporting event is to capture as many details as possible and ensure it is clear, then you will need to select lens of between 300 and 400 mm from the GoPro accessories. The best lenses for taking upfront pictures of people are usually the ones under 100 mm, whereas the best photographic portraits are taken with a 120 mm lenses.

In case you are interested in photographing landscapes or a hectic corner of a street, then it is advisable to go for the short lenses, in a range between 24 and 28 mm. The advantage of the short lenses in these types of pictures is that they enable you to capture a wider angle. Therefore, you can get more suggestive details that will complete the message that you want the viewers to perceive when they examine your photos. Purchase yourself one zoom lens as well, because it will permit you to change your focal point without having to swap your current lens.


Tripods are the other important GoPro accessories that you should acquire for your camera’s arsenal. The most crucial feature of the tripod that you will need to evaluate is its length. If you will need to raise the center of the tripod too much, that means the camera will not have a lot of stability and under certain meteorological conditions it could fall and become damaged. If you are planning to capture various landscapes and you will be using the tripod outdoors mostly, then you should make sure it incorporates resilient parts. In addition, the tripod needs to be light weighted so you can carry it around with ease.


Since you want your camera to last for a very long time and be protected, then you should also purchase a camera bag as well. It would be a good idea to pick a camera bag in accordance to the circumstances when you will mostly use the device. Moreover, the camera bag needs to be large enough to accommodate all your camera equipment and other accessories. The best types of camera bags that will guarantee the protection of your camera, regardless of the situation, are the ones made of waterproof materials and that are padded and insulated, as they protect your device from heat, cold and humidity.